• Preview of the “What is a Feminist Lab?” symposium along with text of Maya Livio’s opening remarks
  • Session 1, featuring Elizabeth Losh on “Hacking Academic Selves: The Equality Lab at William and Mary” and Darren Wershler on “Home Economics and the Extended Laboratory”
  • Session 2, featuring Ashley Baccus-Clark on “What Role Does Immersive Storytelling Play in the Exploration of Black Speculative Futures?” and Jacqueline Wernimont on “From Lab to Cooperative: A Feminist Infrastructural Reimagining” (in collaboration with Nikki Stevens)
  • Session 3, featuring Tara McPherson on “Designing While Feminist” and Marisa Parham on “Everything New Is”
  • Session 4, featuring Max Liboiron on “How to Titrate Like a Feminist”